Winter Doodle

With virtually no snow through the entire Minnesota winter, a disturbing political situation (what on earth has happened to the republicans?) and the world in turmoil (love and peace to the people of Gaza, Ukraine and the survivors of Hamas horrific attack), I’ve been trying to avoid my normal news-junkie fixation with some creative outlets. I’m happy to be in final proofing of book two of my Morgan, The Last Immortal series (hoping to publish this summer), and I did do a new doodle. Sigh. Trying to keep John Lennon’s “Imagine” in mind every day.

Author: wendybea

My 40-year-plus career in marketing and communications was both fun and rewarding, not least of which was the 20 years I got to manage the largest Parade of Homes in the United States. But through it all, I was happiest when I had pen or keyboard in hand. Whether an ad, a press release or magazine article, I found a home with words.