New Big WendyDoodles Coloring Book

I just uploaded my new BIG WendyDoodles coloring book to Amazon. It includes all sorts of doodles (107 pages worth) that range from complex to easy. All are freeform doodles and include DoodleBlooms (decidedly floral doodles), Cock-A-Doodles (fanciful bird-inspired doodles), DoodleBugs (funny flying bugs) plus both basic WendyDoodles (abstract easy to color designs) and more intricate Doodles like my notecards below.

Order yours from Amazon here.

Author: wendybea

My 40-year-plus career in marketing and communications was both fun and rewarding, not least of which was the 20 years I got to manage the largest Parade of Homes in the United States. But through it all, I was happiest when I had pen or keyboard in hand. Whether an ad, a press release or magazine article, I found a home with words.