Wendy Danks

Hi! I’m Wendy. I’ve been doodling for years, usually on meeting agendas. It’s a great way to keep focused during meetings where my left brain needs to pay attention. Now, I’ve decided to channel some of that energy into adult coloring books (a nice stress reliever). Just click on the links under the Coloring Books heading above to find Volume 1 and Volume 2 on Amazon.

My other passion is writing, especially childrens’ stories. I’ve been writing feature articles, ads, and other business related copy for more years than I can count, but what makes me happiest is to tell stories that grade school kids can enjoy and get a little lesson about being kind, making friends, and doing what’s right. Currently you can find  The Underwater Adventures of Spox and Zola and Jane Magnolia Finds Her Forever Home for kindle or in paperback on Amazon (see the links in the Childrens Books heading above).  I’m working on my next book which will tell the story of two bird brothers who discover that the color of ones feathers isn’t what makes them family.

Find me on facebook too at wendybeadoodles