Color doodles on black

My new iPad has been getting lots of use for mail, facebook and the like. But I still spend lots of time doodling on it with ProCreate (inexpensive program that’s tons of fun).  Here’s my latest experiment: black background and color doodling. Did this one while the news was on (yes, I spend hours tuned to one of the cable networks). Doodling helps me listen better and keeps me from getting too upset over the latest horror or idiocy in the world. Trying not to make this blog political, let’s see how long that lasts.

Color Doodle on Black
Color Doodle on Black

Author: wendybea

My 40-year-plus career in marketing and communications was both fun and rewarding, not least of which was the 20 years I got to manage the largest Parade of Homes in the United States. But through it all, I was happiest when I had pen or keyboard in hand. Whether an ad, a press release or magazine article, I found a home with words.

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