New Childrens Book

The paperback version of my newest childrens’ book, The Bird Brothers Prophesy is now available in paperback! The kindle e-reader version has been up for awhile.

This book has a distinct racial equity theme, and is appropriate for 7-12 year olds.

It tells the story of Louis and Gus, two hatchlings from the same nest. Louis is white as snow and Gus is like their parents, black as night. The two discover how dangerous the world can be when their nest gets blown away by a tornado and they try to find their way home. In their journey they meet many creatures, including Bentley the raccoon, Aaliyah the gold finch, Foster the frog and Elliot the praying mantis, not to mention the entire colony of gulls which includes Alessa who had laid her egg in a strangerā€™s nest. They learn about friendship, fear and hate, all the while showing resilience, kindness and love. In the end, they find a whole new family to love while fulfilling the bird brothers prophesy that finally brings peace between the gulls and crows.

You can order the e-book here.

And order the paperback book here.


I’ve been apparently really affected by the coronavirus bug — it’s inspired all sorts of bug themed doodles. Here are a few:

Wendy doodle DoodleBug b/w
Black and white bugs are fun and let me do intricate designs.
Another in black and white.
Color on black wendydoodle doodlebugs
Here are a few in color on black.
and here are a few more!

Black & White Doodles are my favorites

I’ve been spending way too much time doodling this winter. In addition to not wanting to go outside much, hubby had his knee replaced so plenty of time between nursing tasks (and household tasks he can’t do for a bit). I’m also a news junkie and with the current state of affairs, having my doodle pad in my lap helps me avoid throwing something at the TV.

Here are a few new doodles:

Wendydoodle #38
I tried using a little wider pen size on this one. I think he’s watching me šŸ˜‰
Wendydoodle #37
This is using the smallest “gel pen” size on ProCreate. I like the finer detailing.
Wendydoodle #35
Another with the finer size pen but more black filled in. Apparently my brain likes to create fantasy creatures.

Color doodles on black

My new iPad has been getting lots of use for mail, facebook and the like. But I still spend lots of time doodling on it with ProCreate (inexpensive program that’s tons of fun).Ā  Here’s my latest experiment: black background and color doodling. Did this one while the news was on (yes, I spend hours tuned to one of the cable networks). Doodling helps me listen better and keeps me from getting too upset over the latest horror or idiocy in the world. Trying not to make this blog political, let’s see how long that lasts.

Color Doodle on Black
Color Doodle on Black

WendyDoodles Doodle Art

After adapting my doodling to coloring book style, I almost forgot about my first love, black and white wanderings! I used to doodle in pencil then switched to technical pen. But now, my new iPad is perfect for these. They take a lot more time than a coloring doodle, and grow organically depending on my mood. Right now I’ve discovered I need to doodle more intricately while the news is on (keeps me from throwing things at the TV). I hope to offer some note cards soon. Here’s an example:

My favorite doodling is tighter and black/white.

Coloring Just got Lots Better!

Wow, the joys of retirement! Finally will get back to spending some time posting about my coloring book adventures and more children’s books.

One of my retirement gifts was an iPad pro and Apple Pencil, and am I thrilled. It’s made coloring fun!

Wendydoodle colored art
Colored Wendydoodle via iPad!

This is one of my new doodles for one of my next coloring books — Floradoodles or maybe Doodleblooms.Ā  Using ProCreate app, which has tons of great features, but for me I just love the gel pen option.

I’m almost ready to publish my fantasy bird doodles, will be full of odd bird-like doodles.

Cockadoodle fantasy bird
Here’s a cockadoodle from my upcoming coloring book.

I’ll be posting more as I enjoy life as an old retired babyboomer!!

Coloring is harder than it looks!

I’ve discovered that I LOVE doodling. But working in black and white is quite a bit different than in color. At least in this instance.

So far, I had just colored my title (cover) doodles with colored pencils and tried one full doodle (see below). I’ve long been in love with pencils.Ā  IĀ  like how they can be fine point, broad point and can be shaded easily. But I decided I wanted some deeper, more intense colors — which only comes with markers.

A quick stop at Target for a beginners’ set of washable markers began my adventure in coloring. I chose one of my favorite doodles. I’ll be coloring more but definitely need a lot more colors!

Here’s my first go with markers:

WendyDoodle colored with washable markers

WendyDoodle Colored doodle
WendyDoodle using colored pencil

Welcome to WendyDoodles

Hi! I’m Wendy. I’ve been doodling for years, usually on meeting agendas. It’s a great way to keep focused during meetings where my left brain needs to pay attention. Now, I’ve decided to channel some of that energy into adult coloring books (a nice stress reliever). Just click on the link above to find Volume 1 and Volume 2 on Amazon.

My other passion is writing, especially childrens’ stories. I’ve been writing feature articles, ads, and other business related copy for more years than I can count, but what makes me happiest is to tell stories that grade school kids can enjoy and get a little lesson about being kind, making friends, and doing what’s right. Currently you can findĀ  The Underwater Adventures of Spox and Zola and Jane Magnolia Finds Her Forever Home for kindle or in paperback on Amazon, andĀ the story of two bird brothers who discover that the color of ones feathers isn’t what makes them family, titled The Bird Brothers Prophesy for e-readers. (see the link above).

Find me on facebook too at wendybeadoodles